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Choose from our vast selection of products

and we will help you create custom art for your store

We launch your store with products and art specific to your organization

You promote your store to your organization and members

We process the orders and notify individuals of any issues or backorders

You pick up the orders and collect a rebate check for the merchandise sold and distribute them to your organization


Fundraising Online Stores

Want Easy, Hassle Free Group Ordering?

We are here to provide consulting services to maximize fundraising profits

You pick the fundraising price ... keep the profits

No Order Forms

No Time Wasted Sorting Order Forms or Orders

Never Handle Cash or Checks Again

Frequently Asked Questions

What   is   the   process   for   setting   up   an   online   store?

Contact us and we will help you create your design(s) and show them on an electronic proof page on all the garments and colors you select. When you have approved your art we will put together pricing and send it to you so you can let us know what you would like to mark up for fundraising. Then we will create your online store and you will get a link to your store which you can share via email, with your organization and members.

is   There   a   Fee?

creative graphics online stores are perfect for fundraising

how does the online store process work

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No, we do not charge a fee for setting up an online store.

 is  There  a  Minimum   Order   For   Online   Stores?

Based   On   Previous   Stores - Do   You   Have  Any   Recommendations?

Yes, our minimum order requirement is 12 pieces per design. This means if you do not make the minimum from the Online Store sale, we WILL NOT be able to fill the orders. We would simply refund the money. You are NOT obligated to pay us anything if this happens. Our Online Stores are risk free.

When you’re setting up your online store, we highly recommend it be open for 3 weeks (for example) instead of running the sale for just 5 days. The longer the store is open, the likelihood of higher sales. We also suggest to keep the amount of designs and products lower. The more designs you may offer often will lower the order total for each design which will make your final cost of those designs higher. The higher your cost, the lower profit your organization makes. We suggest running an online store for about a month with 1-2 designs and if you want to offer additional designs, reopen the online store and run a new campaign the following month. This has shown the best results. Often a family only wants to spend a certain amount in a month on apparel. They may like each design but are not able to buy each one all in one month.

Is   There  A  Limit   On    Items   For  An   Online   Store?

We include 10 items with the free set up of an online store. An item is considered the same garment style and design print, but can include different color variations for the garment as long as the print stays the same. Additional fees may apply if you choose to add more than 10 items to your online store.

How   Does   Pricing   Work?

Pricing is based on the garment style, the number of colors in the design, and the number of print locations. Please contact us and we will provide you with a quote.


All sales are final. Sorry No Refunds or Exchanges due to the specific decoration. We are not able to take returns unless the garment or printing is defective, and photographic proof will be required. If an item does not fit for example, we would not be able to offer a refund or exchange for that item. So please be careful when selecting a garment size. If an item is on backorder and will not be ready by the agreed date then we will notify the customer and discuss available options with them.

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